Venturing Out and Feeding Out & About

Venturing Out and Feeding Out & About

Look out for playgroups and other social events to meet other mums and have a cuppa whilst your little ones learn to interact with other adults and children. Chatting with other mums who have ‘been there, done that’ will have a wealth of knowledge and information to help you but you may find you are also able to support other mums who aren’t at the stage you are – don’t sell yourself short – you have lots of experience and knowledge other mums will find useful. Mums new to breastfeeding will find your tips helpful and you may be able to direct them to Lansinoh for further help and advice

But if this is your first time venturing out you may feel it is a challenge with everything you need to take with you, getting to a new place, meeting new people and babe wants to feed as soon as you arrive

It does get easier! If it’s any consolation, messing about with bottles and trying to warm milk up while your baby screams the place down is no picnic either! The best thing to do is brave it – take a friend, preferably a breastfeeding one, for safety in numbers, or maybe hang out (sorry, no pun intended) at a breastfeeding group a few times. Once you’ve managed feeding in company a couple of times, you’ll get more confident. And just think how much you will be helping those parents who are too afraid to give it a go! And the kids, and teenagers who will grow up seeing it as normal, and not something to even think about!

It’s important for your breastfeeding relationship for the weeks to come, that you are ok feeding out and about, otherwise feeding risks becoming something that feels very restricting and limiting to you, when in fact it is one of the things that gives you the most freedom to travel, and be wherever you want to be!

Using a sling, or wearing loose clothing where it is easier to tuck baby under your top, rather than undoing buttons, is sometimes easiest when you are trying to be discreet, but really, once baby is latched, you show no more breast than probably the woman at the next table with her sun-top on!

Besides, there is very good reason not to worry about, what is, after all, a very normal physiological activity – feeding your baby! So, buddy-up, pick up your baby, and go out and enjoy yourself!